We have a fish. His name is Charlie and he's an angel fish.

He also has two friends living in the tank with him, a boy and a girl called Salt and Pepper. They are balloon molly fish and wobble about the place like little cartoon characters.

Charlie is a genius. We continue his education by turning the pages of various books we lean against his tank each day. Guests add their own lessons on a notebook which we also change daily by the side of Charlies home. Languages, folk tales, mathematical equations, poetry, a book about Freud, Harry Potter, some cheeky fish porn in glossy colour from a magazine about tropical fish and a long piece about quantum physics, which left Charlie transfixed for hours.

We also test Charlie out with photo's of Albany's beautiful National Parks, and he gets very excited when he sees anything with water in it. To be expected I suppose. You can get acquainted with Charlie, and the molly fish during your stay, and he will always come over and hang out with you if you choose to sit next to the fish tank, any time of day or night. Charlie is an excellent listener too, and loves the whole idea of pancakes every morning.

Charlie. He just keeps on giving.


Spring is here, the whales are jumping and even the Southern Lights have been glowing at night over the ocean horizon.

This picture of the Gap in Albany. Just wow! 

Aurora Australis (southern lights) lit up the sky at the weekend

This stunning shot was taken by Albany's Dougal Topping Photography